Historic Boost for Danish Nature with Launch of New Biodiversity Legislation 

The legislation will set aside 888million kroner or circa 108M pounds to enhance biodiversity and create new protected areas throughout Denmark.

Parties from across the Danish political spectrum have announced a historical new deal which will enhance nature across Denmark. The legislation will fund the creation of new national parks and designate vast areas of landscape and forests with unmanaged status. 888million kroner have been made available to achieve these goals from between 2021-2024 and the new legislation represents a significant milestone from the current government in delivering their promises set out in their manifesto.

The Minister for Environment Lea Wermelin has said that the deal sets out new rules that will create a paradigm shift in thinking around nature conservation and slow the negative impacts of the biodiversity crisis around the country so that people may enjoy the natural world in future.

The legislation will protect an additional 75,000 hectares of land, establish 15 new national parks and also set aside funding to protect the marine environment all based around rewilding principles.