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PROJECT UPDATE – Water vole release confirmed!



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Spring 2022 release date confirmed

Last Wednesday was a huge day for our Get InVOLEd project, as we had rewilding expert and consultant Derek Gow down to assess the Hogsmill River along with representatives from Southeast Rivers Trust, Thames Water, the Environment Agency and Kingston Council. The primary discussions were around the feasibility of a Spring 2022 release date with looming river restorations planned over the coming years. 

Tolworth Court Farm Today - Ancient Hedgerows and Meadows

On a rare warm day by May 2021's standards, we were able to visit both the Thames Water Nature Reserve along the Hogmsill, as well as Rose Walk and Elmbridge Meadows nature reserves. The primary purpose of the visit was to look at mitigative steps to put in place to ensure the presence of the water voles, which are a protected species, will not hold up any planned restoration works.

After productive discussions, it was concluded that with some planning, any issues can be averted. Along with these discussions, the habitat was assessed to be suitable along the river and we are absolutely delighted to say an initial release will go ahead in Spring 2022. Due to the mitigative steps, we will be splitting the releases into two and will therefore be looking to fund a second order for water voles for the following year.

Thanks again to all of our passionate volunteers and donors for your help so far, we are so grateful for your support.

If you would like to support this and other projects further, please do consider making a donation today or becoming a member.

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