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Citizen Zoo COP26 Partnership – Opportunity



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We are pleased to announce that we have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to attend the COP26 in Glasgow later this year as an official observer organisation approved by the UNFCCC.

We will be going to raise awareness about nature-based solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change such as natural regeneration and rewilding.

We are looking for partnership opportunities with anyone or any organisation that has not been accepted to attend but who may have shared agendas and may want to help fund the trip as well. We hope that through this partnership, we can promote shared objectives and goals during the conference.

Tolworth Court Farm Today - Ancient Hedgerows and Meadows

We are looking to raise £7,000 and in return, can offer sponsors small and large the following:

  • Promoting shared values, agendas and objectives via social media and our website during the conference.
  • Networking and promoting projects and initiatives with other participants during the conference.
  • Inclusion on our  website as partners of Citizen Zoo for COP26
  • A shout-out and thank-you in a blog about the trip and event.
  • Expert support/advice on the transition to net-zero or net gain initiatives.
  • Corporate day for teams with our rangers in a local nature reserve in London.

Please get in touch directly with Ben Stockwell, our Urban Rewilding Officer here. 

Citizen Zoo Sponsorship Opportunity COP26

At Citizen Zoo, we want to live in a world filled with wildlife. Through our projects, we rebuild nature to a more functional state, and bring people out into the great outdoors through our engagement programmes. We’re an organisation committed to rewilding and community engagement, and growing rapidly through our expanding portfolio of projects in London and further afield.

Some of our most recent projects include:

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