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We’re at the forefront in the work to rewild nature and restore functional ecosystems in the UK and beyond.

Through our work and the financial buy-in of our committed supporters, we’re reintroducing species to where they belong and restoring habitats to reboot nature back to its functional state.

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Could support an aspiring young grad to work on some of our most exciting rewilding projects a few days per month.

Could pay for some cool invasive pest control kit, that help scale our interventions cost-effectively.

Could pay for the fuel costs associated with managing the reserves throughout London.

Any donation helps support the mission to Rewild Our Future.

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We’re also working to invest in the lives of people who live closest to nature and who have the most to gain from its restoration.

We value all the help from our supporters on this journey to Rewild Our Future.

Thank you for joining us in this mission and for donating today!

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A gift in your will can help support Citizen Zoo as a whole in our shared mission to Rewild Our Future.

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