Why support rewilding in the UK?

According to a United Nations report, up to one million species are at risk of extinction. In the UK alone, 41% of species are declining and one in 10 is threatened with extinction. Donate today to help us reverse these declines.

The United Nations has declared that we must rewild and restore an area equivalent to the size of China to meet targets set to protect the natural world and climate. At Citizen Zoo, we want to harness the power of rewilding to reverse these trends.

Through community led species reintroductions and habitat restoration projects, we are working to prevent extinctions, combat climate change and support local people to make a difference.

By donating today, you will be supporting the mission to Rewild Our Future and by setting up a recurring donation, you will join a community of like-minded people who want to change the world!

Donate as little as £5 a month to make a difference!

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