Moated Manor Bird Hide

Rewilding People


At Tolworth Court Farm’s Moated Manor site, nestled into the slope of the beautiful hay meadow and sat above the pond is a beautiful, bespoke bird hide like you have never seen before.

Back in October 2019, Citizen Zoo teamed up with Kingston University’s MA Architectural Course and the Community Brain, to collaborate on a project to build a bird hide for Moated Manor, a small nature reserve which, lies over the road from the main Tolworth Court Farm site in Kingston. 

This forms an important project in the MA Architecture’s course, which allows for students to submit designs based on the specific brief and in keeping with the structure’s intended location. After some lengthy discussions, and with input from Citizen Zoo and the Community Brain, the students and the course leaders decided to combine the best components of different designs to form the bird hide. 

The final design consists of two circular rooms made from a timber structure and straw bale walls, with a wooden cladding and corrugated plastic roof to keep the rain out. As an inaccessible site to the public, Citizen Zoo intends to put the bird hide to good use for education and engagement trips, with sessions planned for Kingston Young Carers as part of our Curiosity project in the coming weeks. This forms an important part of our efforts to rewild people and connect them with their local wildlife. 

Citizen Zoo are also taking part in this year’s project, aligning it with our Dog Walker Engagement work. This forms a key component of our water vole reintroduction project, to prevent disturbing vegetation along the riverbanks, but also has wider implications for wildlife more generally. The brief for students is a riverside structure for dogs and their walkers, which provide sacrificial ponds to prevent dogs entering the river and even filter off dangerous contaminants from flea treatments. 

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A big thank you to Kingston Council who donated towards the project and to Kingston University who Crowdfunded for the bird hide construction.