School days out!

We work with schools every week to connect kids to the great outdoors!

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Rewild the Child

We know that kids who are allowed to roam around in their local parks & forests, allowed to climb trees, play with sticks & eat mud, have more robust immune systems, improved motor reflex skills and display improved cognitive creativity and maturity. From improvements to autoimmune function and child development overall, we know that a wild child, is a healthy child.

How to wild the child

We work with schools in a number of ways to help them rewild the child. From supporting teachers with monthly learning materials focused on biology & conservation, to visiting schools to deliver workshops or arranging field trips into the great outdoors, you name it, we’ve got you covered! We’ve also got a growing rewilding club, where students take part in monthly activities and join an annual award ceremony to decided the best rewilding school within their borough.


We’ll come to your school to deliver a fantastic workshop that fits your curriculum, with a dash of conservation & rewilding thrown in the mix. We deliver half-day or whole-day workshops, please get in touch to tell us your needs.  

Field trips

Join us on a fantastic day-out in one of our local nature reserves! You can meet us on site, or we can arrange transport to collect you and your class, before delivering a fun-fill day packed with learning and activities for your students. Heres an example of a typical day:

  • Welcome talk

  • Breaking the ice

  • Workshop activity

  • Homework & other learning materials

  • Bespoke workshops available for all age groups

  • Welcome talk

  • Breaking the ice

  • Guided tour of reserve – nature talk

  • Lunch & play

  • Workshop activity

  • Home – homework & other learning materials

  • Bespoke workshops available for all age groups

Join our Rewilding Club!

Join our rewilding club and become part of a growing network of schools working towards rewilding nature!

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