Rewilding FAQs

Why do we need rewilding?2021-08-31T15:18:29+01:00

According to a United Nations report, up to one million species are at risk of extinction. In the UK alone, 41% of species are declining and one in 10 is threatened with extinction. Despite the benefits, rewilding can bring in terms of climate change, biodiversity, economics and mental health and well-being, at Citizen Zoo we believe the intrinsic value of nature makes it worthwhile protecting. The United Nations has declared that we must rewild and restore an area equivalent to the size of China to meet targets set to protect the natural world and climate. We want to harness the power of Rewilding to reverse these trends.

How can I learn more?2021-08-31T15:25:11+01:00

To learn more, please visit our website citizenzoo.org or email [email protected]

How is rewilding relevant in urban spaces?2021-08-31T15:24:35+01:00

In much the same way that the three C’s originally focused on connecting core habitats across vast rural areas, we must begin to look at our cities as a small-scale version of this. Instead of agricultural fields and pockets of woodland connected by hedge-lined A-roads and rivers, cityscapes contain a complex mishmash of ecosystems. Ranging from our windowsill planters right through to Richmond Park, all interlinked with the web of networks we use to traverse the landscape every day. By managing these spaces with wildlife in mind, we can bolster their populations at each scale and help wildlife move through the cityscape