Water Vole Crowdfunder

We raised £18,250 for endangered water voles as part of our recent community crowdfunder with the Aviva Foundation.

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Rewilding London’s Urban Spaces

Rewilding is an approach to conservation that lets nature return areas of land to a wild state. UNEP spoke to Citizen Zoo to learn more about their work in urban rewilding.

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Rewilding the Hogsmill

Check-out our short documentary film about rewilding the Hogsmill River and how you can get involved in restoring nature in your borough.

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Bringing Back Water Voles

Volunteers lead by the organisation Citizen Zoo are tasked with bringing the water vole back into their community.

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Water Vole Reintroduction

We’re reintroducing water voles back to a river catchment in London! Discover more below and help fund this work.

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Rewilding Conference

CCF’s Rewilding Symposium is now firmly on the national map where last year’s events, workshops and talks were organised by Citizen Zoo, an organisation with links to Cambridge Judge Business School.

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