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Powered by data, we develop rewilding projects with partners to rebuild nature through species reintroductions, translocations, and habitat & ecosystem restoration.

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We work with landowners to rewild their farms or estates, and provide rewilding days out to our corporate clients and schools to connect both young & old to the great outdoors.

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Clients & Funders

We work with landowners, companies and NGOs as rewilding strategists, partners or ecological consultants. We partner with groups of all shapes and sizes focused on different environmental issues – what unifies them all is their commitment to building a wilder future.

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The Rewilders

Our Rewilders are passionate conservationists; we’re a diverse team of people with backgrounds in business, sports science, mathematics, and not to mention zoology & conservation.

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Rewilding Our Future

We want to live in a world filled with wildlife. Through our projects and services, we rebuild nature to a more functional state, and bring people out into the great outdoors through our engagement programmes.

We’re a social enterprise committed to rewilding & conservation, and growing rapidly through our expanding portfolio of projects and network of clients & partners to Rewild Our Future.

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Memberships & Communities

We’re members of numerous conservation networks working to promote cross sector partnerships and dialogue.  We’re also involved with different communities & groups working to rebuild nature across the UK and father afield.


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