Edith Gardens

Rewilding People

KCIL Visit to Edith Gardens


Our vision was to create a restored nature reserve to be enjoyed by those who otherwise cannot access open space reserves, such as disabled people and people suffering from mental health problems. This forms a vital part of our work to rewild people.


Edith Gardens is a peaceful nature reserve in Surbiton, Kingston. The site has an interesting history – previously used as an air-raid shelter during World War 2 and later converted into an allotment. In 1992, however, it was designated a Local Nature Reserve and with it came its associated protections. 

Unfortunately, the site has largely been neglected in recent years, becoming overgrown and filled with rubbish and debris. Found along the Tolworth Brook, which feeds into the Hogsmill River and with no public access, we saw huge potential in the site as a wildlife corridor and as a safe place for people to enjoy nature.

Back in 2019, with support from Kingston Council and local volunteers, and with funding from the Ministry of Housing and Local communities, we have restored the reserve, removing rubbish, installing a wildlife pond, dead and lives hedges, whilst also enhancing floral diversity. We now run education visits to the site, including as part of our Curiosity Project that we deliver with Kingston Carers, helping to rewild some of their young carers! 

Today, this reserve needs ongoing upkeep to ensure it is maintained for the benefit of people and wildlife, which is made possible with the support of our volunteers. 

How to get involved:

To help us maintain this quiet reserve, why not become a member today and also contribute to our wider mission or Rewild Our Future? Alternatively, you can donate today or sign up to one of our volunteer sessions on the site.