Our Rewilding Projects

We work on various rewilding projects that help us to achieve our ultimate goal to Rewild Our Future. These span two core areas; reintroducing species to restore ecosystems and rewilding people through nature engagement. We see both as absolutely vital to ensuring we curb current declines in wildlife and safeguard the future of the natural world.

Clients & Funders

We work with landowners, companies and NGOs as rewilding strategists, partners or ecological consultants. We partner with groups of all shapes and sizes focused on different environmental issues – what unifies them all is their commitment to building a wilder future.

Memberships & Communities

We’re members of numerous conservation networks working to promote cross-sector partnerships and dialogue. We’re also involved with different communities & groups working to rebuild nature across the UK and farther afield.


London West End

The Cabin, 20 Queens Drive, Surbiton, KT5 8PN

London East End

Victoria Park, 16 Pennethorne Close, Hackney, KT5 8PN