Sign up to our training days or to help during the water vole release week!

Help during the release week

With our water vole release fast approaching, we need volunteers to help during the release week between 29/08/22 and 02/09/22.

For this, we need a host of volunteers to help us feed our hungry voles on a daily basis at the Thames Water site along the Hogsmill. This will need doing as they become acclimatised to their new surroundings in their pre-release boxes. The feeding will be done on a rota, so you won’t need to go along every day, but you are welcome to come along as much as you like!

Camera Trapping and Biacoustic Monitoring Training

We need help to monitor the water vole population through camera trapping and bioacoustic monitoring. If you would like to receive training and be a part of our ongoing monitoring team, you can sign up below.

This training will take place on Tuesday 23rd August in the morning at the Hogsmill Nature Reserve. Details will be sent out after you sign up ahead of the session.

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