EJ Milner-Gulland
Daffyd Morris Jones
Hannah Patterson
Alan Watson-Featherstone

How we should include rewilding in the CBD post-2020 targets

EJ Milner-Gulland is Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity at the University of Oxford, and leads a range of initiatives including Conservation Optimism and the Saiga Conservation Alliance.

“O’r Mynydd” Searching for a future on rewilding’s doorstep

Dafydd Morris-Jones is a Welsh Hill Farmer, translator, independent consultant and outdoor instructor from Ysbyty Cynfyn.

Rewilding Iberá – from wasteland to wealth generator?

Hanna Pettersson is a PhD student at University of Leeds studying human-carnivore coexistence in European restoration areas.

Rewilding the World, Rewilding Ourselves

Alan Watson Featherstone is an ecologist, nature photographer and the founder of the award-winning charity Trees for Life.

Francine Hughes
Harrold Stone
Lee Schofield
Peter Smith

Rewilding former arable land at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire

Francine Hughes is Emeritus Reader at Anglia Ruskin University who’s research focuses on wetland ecology and restoration.

What is #rewilding? A diversity of online interpretations

Harold Stone is an ecologist and writer. He also runs Rewilding News.

Swindale valley restoration – rewilding in a managed landscape

Lee Schofield is site manager at the RSPB Haweswater Nature Reserve.

Making rewilding pay for Nature and People, exploring how land can pay people and let nature be restored?

Peter Smith is Director & Founder of the Wildwood Trust and Park in Kent.

Elliot Newton
Prerna Singh Bindra
Rob York
Ashleigh Brown

Harnessing the power of people to Rewild Our Future

Elliot Newton is Head of Conservation at Citizen Zoo.

Rewilding the bold, the beautiful and the ‘dangerous’ in India

Prerna Bindra is a wildlife conservationist, author and M.Phil student in conservation Leadership.

Rewilding is about human choices – how better conversations can help build trust

Rob Yorke is a rural commentator exploring a wide range of farming and environmental matters.

Mass Regeneration of Heavily Degraded Land: A Tale from Southern Spain

Ashleigh Brown is a co-founder and the Business Development Manager of Ecosystem Restoration Camps and Re-Generation Festivals.

Vance Russel
Camila Benfield
Issy Tree
Paul Jepson

Scoping Next Generation Measurement Approaches for Rewilding

Vance Russell is Biodiversity Lead at Ecosulis Ltd.

Disease risk Analysis for Rewilding

Camilla Benfield is a veterinarian, Lecturer in Virology, and Course Director of the One Health MSc programme at the Royal Veterinary College.

Rewilding a Sussex farm

Isabella Tree is co-owner, with her husband Charlie Burrell, of the Knepp Estate, and author of ‘Wilding’.

Recoverable Earth. A twenty-first century environmental narrative

Paul Jepson Nature Recovery Lead at Ecosulis Ltd.


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