Annual Rewilding Symposium

The 2019 Annual Rewilding Symposium was a fantastic success. 

With speakers and attendees from around the world, the conference brought together thinkers, practitioners and provocateurs to challenge our notions about rewilding, and offer solutions to driving rewilding forward both and the UK and farther afield.

Great vibe, excellent mix of workshops with speakers and you did well working within the DAB building constraints.

Vance Russell, Ecosulis

I was so impressed with the thought and commitment to gender equality that had gone into it!

Lindsey Stronge, Ecologist

Your conference was stonkingly good – such a great range of people there and so many great ideas and debates. Massively stimulating all round.

Patrick Barkham, The Gurdian

The conference felt very different to the usual hat-tipping and empty gestures towards diversity, an effort was clearly being made & you weren’t afraid to tackle criticism head on!

Jennifer Morris, Rewilding Us

A great programme, superbly organised, very efficiently run, moving, dynamic and uplifting. A significant step forward in the rewilding movement.

Mike Rands, Cambridge Conservation Initiative

I’ve seen full-service conference organisers who have put in a much less impressive effort than you have, and the minimal waste policy was the icing on the cake!

Tamzin Byrne, Cambridge Judge Business School

I was particularly impressed with the technology supporting the event and for once, we weren’t just talking to ourselves, there was a significant amount of challenge to a cosy view, and a breadth of perspectives on show.

Andy Clements, British Trust for Ornithology

Thank you so much for bringing these issues into spaces where it would be so easy to sideline them and get on with the main agenda. More power to all of you!

Micaela Santos, Ecologist

Check-out some of the cool articles written by the press here, and if you’d like to download the abstracts or some of the PowerPoint presentations from some of our speakers, then please press the buttons below.

Thank you once again to our fantastic co-host CCF, our sponsors Ecosulis and Opticron, and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative for allowing us to hold the event in the beautiful David Attenborough Building.

Lastly, a special thank you to all the incredible individuals & volunteers who gave their time to deliver this exciting event!

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