Nature trail


Welcome to Citizen Zoo's Nature Trail! Dotted around Kingston are 78 posters of different species, each with a QR code linked to a fun fact about the animal on the poster. Scroll down for further information about the trail and how to get involved.

Welcome to the Get InVOLEd Nature Trail

This is your opportunity to explore the Hogsmill Catchment this September through our Nature Trail – we have posters up around the Hogsmill (Map below) – 78 in total – and your challenge is to find them all!

Volunteers have been busy creating posters based on our 12 days of Christmas Song which we released in December, creating a poster for each of the 78 animals from the song. Each one has a hidden fact about the species – just scan the QR code to find out more.

Can you find all 78 posters across the catchment?

How to take part

You can take part for free, but if you want to enter a prize draw to win a fabulous Get InVOLEd T-shirt and help with vital fundraising, you can do so by following the steps below.

All you need to do is find all posters in one of the zones (see the map) and make a £2 donation, which you can do so here. To validate the entry please make sure to:

  • Add Nature Trail to the notes section
  • Add the section you completed
  • List all of the poster numbers that you have found so that we can check them against the posters we’ve put up.

The rough locations of each poster and all the zones are on our map here, but you can also view the individual zones in the gallery below. Please note, the locations of each poster have been generated using what3words and have purposefully been placed only in the vicinity of each poster, so you will need to do some searching! We have posters in all sorts of locations, from shop windows, community notice boards, and inside and outside of buildings!

Find our posters using the images below or the interactive map here