Nature Trail – Dragonfly

Dragonfly 2


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Dragonfly 2

Dragonflies eat other insects, including flies, midges and mosquitoes. This makes them a welcome friend in the garden!

Dragonflies can live from up to several months to a few years, the majority of which is spent as a nymph or larvae.

Dragonfly nymphs generally live underwater, where they eat invertebrates and sometimes even tadpoles!

Dragonflies have very large eyes that take up most of their head and is comprised of thousands of lenses to help them see their prey easily.

Hawker dragonflies can reach speeds of up to 30mph.

Dragonflies use all four wings when flying, meaning they can fly forwards, backwards, sideways and hover.

They’re helpful for humans, as they hunt pesky insects that bother us like mosquitos and gnats.

There are 36 dragonfly species (Anisoptera) in the UK.

When you see a dragonfly dipping half their body into the water, this is a female laying her eggs.